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  • 9 Aug. 2010
  • My new obsession, a old artform consisting of cutting designs into paper with scissors or a knife. Best of all it's relatively mess free and easy to pack away and pick up again later (essential with children)
    Fantastic Mr Fox papercut

    Fantastic Mr Fox papercut

    So far I've only made this Fantastic Mr Fox papercut but I have many ideas for more (including a couple of yarn themed ones)

    Check out some of my favourite paperart artists though, there are some very, very talented (and patient) people out there

    3 lovely people had this to say:

    megsie said...

    very very awesome Kris! I love paper cuts too, but lack the patience and strength in my hand. Does your hand get sore? I love the theme for this piece too and am also a big fan of rob ryan:D

    Kris said...

    The little knife in the 2nd image is a lifesaver. My hands used to ache too but you slip your finger through this one and it's like writing with a pen. Friskars make them and I've seen them at officeworks and Kmart.

    Ann said...

    This is so amazing with all the details. You are so clever to do this as I don't think I have the patience.

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