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Look at me, I'm on a roll

  • 9 Aug. 2010
  • No, not that kind of roll

    and definitely not that kind either.

    I'm on a sewing roll after I finally got off my bum and took my over locker to be repaired and serviced. I'd forgotten how easy clothes are with an OL.
    This is the result of one night's work with almost all of the material coming from opshops (and then sitting in my stash for 5+ years)

    Being modelled by my super shy 5yr old


    I even finished the advent calender and only 8 months late

    Now off to get some study done, one exam done and one more on Wednesday and then nothing until the end of semester. Ah, I see some more sewing days ahead.
    P.S  The filmstrip was a free download from this amazing photogragher who also has loads of other tutorials. 

    3 lovely people had this to say:

    Kestrel said...

    Those are fantastic!!! You are brilliant :) Looking forward to seeing them in real life.

    Kat said...

    honestly Kris, someone should tie you down and make you are far too talented to be not be! I cannot believe how Ellie's grown!! far out what a beauty. great post, can;t wait to see what you create now youve refound your mojo :)

    Irene said...

    PSML!! Lucky DP had just explained to me the other day what being "Rickrolled" was

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