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Upcycled t-shirt skirt and legwarmers tutorial

  • 7 Mar. 2010
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  • Following on from my last post, in a bid to use of some of my material stash I started making some simple kid's skirts with yoga style fold over waistbands. E choose some green cord but I didn't have any stretch cotton which would match. I was about to ask her to choose a different material when this old bonds shirt waiting to be taken to the op-shop caught my eye. I've posted this up as a tutorial but as it's my first I've neglected to take photos of a few steps. I hope it can be followed anyway.

    Cotton or corduroy (I used a piece 35"x 24" for a 24" waist on a 5yr old)
    Old stretchy T-shirt (I used a size 0 bonds) Long sleeves if you want to make matching legwarmers

    Cut the  t-shirt  along the red lines

    You can leave the arms or hem and you have your legwarmers (worn with with the cuff at the top)

    Take the main material and with right sides facing sew along the open side

    As this waistband is made to fold down, take the t-shirt and with the main skirt peice inside out, have the t-shirt with it's wrong wide facing the skirt. Pin at each seam and join making sure to stretch the waistband as you go.

    Turn right way out and hem the bottom

    Ellie also wanted a pocket so I popped that on by folding and seaming the top and then sating stitching it on.
    The complete outfit, I would normally iron while I sew but miss destructo was about and it was safer not to.

    If you can't already tell, sewing is still quite new to me and a lot of what I have learnt comes from online tutorials. I'm not sure if this will be useful to anyone but it has taught me just how much work goes into making a decent tute and for everyone that finds the time to do that I thank you wholeheartedly.

    2 lovely people had this to say:

    Lis said...

    Kris... you've inspired me to get my blog going again. I haven't touched it in so long, and I really need some motivation to get a move on.
    Tutorial looks good!
    (inspiration to sew has all but gone out the window for me, as well...)

    Ann said...

    You are so creative in your sewing. Love the outfit.

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