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  • 25 Feb. 2010
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  • 25th February, originally uploaded by Triggerish.
    Was meant to be about study but was more about finding was to avoid it.

    This week I returned to uni after my 18mth break, studying nursing. These are my first internal subjects which means lots of group work and voicing opinions to the class. I have to admit just the thought of having to talk to others and form a coherent sentence after not only being away from study for so long but also having major mummy brain filled me with dread.

    However I am pleased to report that not only did I manage to get my ideas out, I discovered that my brain isn't broken after all and it's just around my children that I find problems finishing a sentence or finding the right word. I wonder why that is........

    The image is from a flickr group I am part of but haven't posted in until now, not sure if my daggy wear will cut it amongst the fashionistas but I'll have fun drawing until I realise I only have 4 or 5 outfits I wear despite a cupboard of clothes.

    I did have a small amount of uncertainty towards studying nursing and wondering I should still be studying Art but at just the right time I ran into a friend who eased my apprehensiveness and told me of the many nurses who are also practising artists and put on exhibitions as fund-raisers towards medical research or charities. I think that helped me realise that my identity as an Artist/Art student does not have to disappear just because I am working in another area. In fact, one of the things that drew me to nursing (pardon the pun) is it's diversity and my skills may still come in handy later on.

    3 lovely people had this to say:

    Kestrel said...

    You forgot to add that you spent the better part of the morning sorting out a newbie blogger's site so that she was happy with it and made it look perfectly beautiful! xxx

    claire said...

    Phew, that's a relief! I often feel like my brain is totally broken too ;) Good luck with Uni. I will always keep the lovely portrait a gorgeous semi retired midwife sketched of my first when he was just born. So special...

    Ann said...

    It's great that you are going to Uni. I also feel that I need to interact with other adults & so starting casual work. Good luck with your studies.

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