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Hot and Not

  • 13 Dec. 2009
  • Following along with LoobyLu (although a bit late)


    • Finding out I've won some gorgeous Heather Bailey fabric from Kelani
    • Bloggers who post tutorials- I ♥ you! This week we've made a stampede of horse from Ann Wood's template and some dress up paper dolls from Kiddley and I'm starting a list for the school holidays.
    • Cherries and mangoes- need I say more
    • Bush fires- there have been some in the area and while none have been too close it's always a worry. S is in the process of joining the RFS and we are getting our fire plan in order so at least we'll be well prepared.
    • Time- where does it go? it's almost Christmas and I still haven't sewn the advent calndar kit I bought (I've cut it out, that counts for something right?) It's first on my list for tomorrow but sewing just seems like such a chore compared with knitting which I can take anywhere and won't wake the kids.
    • Which brings me to my last point- non sleeping kids or more accurately kid (and not always the same one) But this too shall pass (I hope)
    See more hot and nots over at LoobyLu's place

    Love, The Monsterknitter

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