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Giveaway: Blogaversary pressies

  • 9 Oct. 2009

  • 3 years ago today the Monster Blog was started, back then Elissa and I were only dyeing for our own knits and selling them embellished and we one of the first Australian dyers for the cloth nappy knitters.
    Today Elissa is off to bigger and better things and I find it hard to get any time to knit or dye any more.
    This blog has become less and less about knits and so I think it might be time for a new name.

    So to give-away I have up for grabs a skein of Woolganic Organic merino hand dyed in my 'Rainforest Dreaming' colourway, a skein of semi solid green older style woolganic (a much thinner 8ply) and a ball of Gondwana 8ply Woolganic.

    To enter:
    Leave a comment after this post and tell me your suggestions for a new name for the Monster Knits blog
    Extra entries if you post about the giveaway on your own blog (come back and tell me)

    Entries close on the 16th of October and the winner will be drawn at random

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    32 lovely people had this to say:

    Jo's Place said...

    I love the name Monster Knits, so what about Monster Dyes. Not very exciting I know, but I think it's pretty cool. Love that colourway :)

    I will post a link on my blog for this competition as well.

    Tam said...

    Kris' Krafting?

    The Bacarella Family said...

    Beautiful colours, found your blog through 'Jo's Place'

    As for a name... 'Knotty knitting' keeps springing to mind :)

    Brissmiths said...

    How about "knitted up" Susan :)

    tikki said...

    Happy blogaversary Kris, and a very special happy birthday to you, hun.

    Aptly I think the name of the colourway you're giving away would be a perfect name for your blog 'Rainforest Dreaming':)

    BunjiD said...

    It would be a shame to loose the monster name, you are so well known so maybe 'Dying the monster' or 'The Woolly Monster'.

    Georgie said...

    The Monster Mob?

    Georgie :)

    Courtney said...

    Dye a Stitch
    happy blogaversary darling, I agree losing the monster name would be sad, but at the same time taking on a new name would be a new beginning for yourself. I hope everything works out the way you planned it! I always love reading this little blog in my spare time
    xxxx Courtney

    april said...

    The first thing that sprung to mind was Monster Mash LOL, I too don't think you shoould let go of the monster, and if its about more than just knits, well then, its a mash of topics ROFL

    Dani said...

    How about monter doesnt knit much anymore :p
    Or monster does more then knit LOL

    Jenna Z said...

    Less Yarn, More Yarns.

    Get it, yarns, like stories? Ugh, I'm terrible!

    Maria said...

    Not good at thinking up names, but love to enter the giveaway, so I am thinking much the same but a bit more title - Monster Knit And

    Fi said...

    Congrats! Seems like not that long ago you and Elissa started your ventures :)
    How about something like GreenEyed Knits - a play on the jealousy of everyone else's time to knit and the monster theme.

    Kat said...

    I love the Monster Knits name too, it suits you, I still call my blog Baa Bum despite never wanting to return to selling..because it feels like part of my knitting heritage..what about something connected like... Monsters in the Forrest or Walking with Monsters..sorry very random but I am not at my creative best...
    however I'd love the yarn :)

    Amber said...

    I like the Monster part too, so maybe Dyed Monster? Or if you want to go away from the whole knit/dye idea, maybe Monster's Done...

    Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

    What about Monster Fibres or the Fiber Monster?

    Happy Blogiversary and thanks for entering me in your contest..

    wooltopia said...

    Happy Blogiversary, how about 'Dyeing Monstertales'or just 'Monster Tales' or 'GreenEyed Tales'!

    Kitten With a Whiplash said...

    These come to mind as I look over your blog:

    Monster's Marvelous Life
    Monster Does It All
    Good Times in the Monster's Lair
    Momma Monster and the Monsterlings

    And to reflect the changes in your priorities

    Evolution of the Monster


    Monster Evolves

    Hope you find a name you really love.

    mrs_mov said...

    I have some handdyed monster knits yarn here & it's so lovely.

    It would be sad to see "Monster" leave your name... ummmm, I shouldn't have read the above suggestions, Jules' one of fibre monster is sticking in my mind, so is Kitten with a whiplash's evolution of a monster.
    Nothing original from me sorry :(

    Tasha said...

    How about Kris's Kreations or Monster Magic ;)

    Congratulations on the Blogoversary :D

    Rebecca said...

    Monster knits, snaps and chats

    claire said...

    Happy bloggy birthday! (and real birthday :))


    ikkinlala said...

    The Life and Times of Monster?

    Okay, that's a weak suggestion - I do think the monster part of your blog name is worth keeping, though.

    Happy blogiversary!

    Julia said...

    I was thinking of something along the lines of 'Where The Wild Things Are'

    Suzanne said...

    Congrats - Happy Blog Birthday :) What about Monsterish - Monsterish Things - Monster'n'things. I have put a note on my blog also :)

    Kitten With a Whiplash said...

    I almost forgot to come back and say that I'd blogged at

    Mary :) said...

    I quite like the name you have Kris but if your set on changing how about,

    Retsnom (monster backwards)
    I dream of...
    The next phase

    but personally I'd stick with what you had for similar reasons as Kat said

    EJ said...

    I think you should stick with the Monster Knits for sentimental reasons, but if you need a new name, how about:

    Dyeing To Knit

    Happy blogiversary.

    Elaine said...

    I hope I'm in under the wire. How about

    Monster Mash

    That keeps the Monster name, and was a song.

    Off to blog about the contest.

    Elaine said...

    OK I blogged about it here:

    EJ said...

    How about The Crafty Monster

    morecuddles said...

    I blogged about this contest here:

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