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  • 21 Sep. 2009
  • A day that has been talked about for months, the annual Spring Fair & Open Day at their school.
    A day where all the parents mingle and the children frolic while listening to great music and eating wholesome food.

    A day that nourishs the soul.

    After lunch, A decided it would be fun to take off his pants and run through the crowd of people and silly me gave chase.

    That's when I felt my knee cap slip out of place and down I went.
    As luck would have it there was not only a doctor but quite a few people with senior first aid training and I was well looked after and have been in nurse Simon's loving care since I got home.

    So what does one do when on bed rest with access to a laptop? look at blogs of course

    These are a few new ones I have found
    Land of Meg

    Tomorrow's test will be trying to drive, the one time I have wished I drove an automatic
    Love, The Monsterknitter

    3 lovely people had this to say:

    Meg said...

    Oh hello hello! And thank you so much for the shout out! Hope your knee recovers as fast as A did run.

    Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

    Thanks for the new blogs. Love them!! Hope your knee feels better very soon. Oh, the yarn is beautiful !

    Kat said...

    oh no!!! your knee sounds very painful ...I had to laugh at the image of A running through the crowds half naked though..

    what a beautiful looking day..E and A look so grown up...

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