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  • 26 Sep. 2009

  • patterns, originally uploaded by Triggerish.
    Who said I don't have friends with connections?

    These came all the way from a Western Australian Op shop and I do hope they aren't wasted on me. I hear Enid Gilchrist is a bit of a sewing legend.

    Drafting patterns sounds scary but the patterns are so damm cute (and I am imagining what material to make them in already) so I'm going to have to force myself to learn. Tips from the sewing gurus most welcome!

    P.S thanks for the well wishes, my knee is feeling much better now.

    3 lovely people had this to say:

    Tracy said...

    Great gifts! The doll book is actually a hard one to get on Ebay and I've seen it go for over $25!

    Have you discovered my Enid blog? I've got a few hints and tips for drafting Enid that may help.

    Have fun!

    Mandy said...

    ohh, awesome! I also picked up a copy of 'Play Clothes' not long ago :) Very cool outfits in that one!

    Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

    Glad that your knee is beginning to feel better. I have given you an award for your blog. Please stop by mine to pick it up.
    Congratulations on an amazing blog that I always look forward to reading.

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