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Day 30: New ducks

  • 30 Aug. 2009
  • New duck

    Fredrake, our male duck has lived without a female for over a year and today we were offered a couple of females to keep him company. He was over the moon, the girls are less impressed but hopefully they will all settle down. This is one of them, as yet unnamed.

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    2 lovely people had this to say:

    Tracy said...

    We have Muscovy's too. I adore our Drake, he wags his tail! We have 3 girls who regularly lay eggs in hidden places. I have no idea where they are laying right now and haven't found an egg in a couple of weeks so the clutch should be huge! Two of our girls are sitting right now so hopefully we'll have ducklings this year.

    Kat said...

    oh he's gorgeous, he reminds me of a drake we had called Claude, though Claude was kind of assexual (didn't seem to like the ladies so much..) and much fatter...I love Ducks :)

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