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Day 14: close v.2

  • 14 Aug. 2009
  • :ants on the line:

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    4 lovely people had this to say:

    megsie said...

    omg Kris that is an awesome shot! What sort of camera do you have? is that a nikon?

    Kris said...

    Thanks Megsie, a proper macro lens would help matters but that will have to wait. I use a Nikon d90

    Margaret said...

    I LOVE your photos. What lenses do you have and which lens did you use for this shot. I am in the market for a micro for my D90 and have been researching until I am now totally confused!! LOL Love to hear what you use.

    Kris said...

    Hi Margaret,

    I've only just gotten the D90 so have the 2 kits lenses so far (next on my list is a 50mm prime lens) and this shot was taken with the 55-200mm lens zoomed out fully. A proper macro lens would do a far better job I imagine.

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