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nope, not knitting

  • 3 Apr. 2009

  • but I will take some photos this weekend of what I have been doing.

    For now I leave you with the very cute new puppy that arrived tonight. Not really a puppy, estimated to be around 3 years old from the local pound/rescue centre but oh so cute! Very skinny and malnourished but with a great appetite and such a sweet nature. We are in love!

    still need to think of a name, Angus wants Pip as that's the dog's name that comes to E's school sometimes at pick ups but it would be too confusing to have them both named that.

    We were thinking a german name, zucker maybe? (it means sugar) The owners of our house have 3 mini dachshunds name helmut, fritz and otto and their names really suit them

    So if you think of anything hit us with ideas :)

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    3 lovely people had this to say:

    Lou's Mum said...

    oh, he's a cutie. i used to have daschund x. she was lovely, her name was angel :) I have a friend married to a german guy whose name is Heiko (sounded Japanese to me when I first heard it but apparently it's german!). Anyway, he looks like Heiko to me, and I always thought it woudl make a great dogs name LOL :) I can just hear you calling for him to come in now... Heikoooooooooo! LOL

    Kat said...

    oh he is gorgeous, what about Hermann? or Rolf? my oma had a dashhund..

    Sam said...

    Schnitzel Von Krumm with the very low tum. He's very very cute, and will love you for rescuing him :)

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