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a fright and a half

  • 4 Feb. 2009
  • I was speaking to a friend on the phone today and telling her about our new house in the country, how lovely it is and all the wildlife that visit.
    Turns out I don't like all the visitors!
    Tree Snake image
    and information
    Sorry there are no photos of my own, I was too busy running from the room screaming!
    I was sitting on the lounge and it came round the corner straight into the lounge room and after I've collected poppet and gotten out of there (not knowing what kind of snake it was) I watched it through the glass sliding door.
    It went over the kids newly bought fish tank (turns out they like fish, glad the lid was on) and straight over my knitting that I left on the lounge when I ran away-eek!

    I now understand it was only a non-venomous tree snake and just looking for some food but jeez way to give me a hard attack.

    Just because I love blog posts with images (and want to show off my little ones)
    The fish are named vaszy (no idea where she got that from) and Ellie (she looked at me like I had two heads when I suggested I may get her and this fish confused if they have the same name)

    A little knitting is getting done... not much though. I've got the pink handspun from the last post on the needles for my mum's birthday (already passed) and need to start on something for MIL in the blue (her birthday has also passed, I'm seeing a trend here!)
    Final touches going on a long standing custom with a little extra on the needles now.

    I've also discovered the joy of sewing again and have made a few little bags and aim to get some of my massive (for a mostly non-sewing person) stash until control.

    If that's not enough I'm also dabbling in needle felting.

    Ellie started school today but I need to download the photos and will post about it tomorrow.

    edited to add- I just noticed I have blog followers- hi guys! Thanks for not giving up on me due to lack of action here

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    5 lovely people had this to say:

    Bec said...

    I would have run too! Spiders I can handle but snakes - ewww!

    How is the needle felting going? Always wanted to try it but between sewing, knitting, crochet and attempts at spinning I never seem to get to it!

    Peta said...

    Eeek!! I'm freaking out just reading about it, we had a few snakes last summer and my heart nearly beat out of my chest - and they were outside! I'd love to see your bags.

    Tanja said...

    You also have 9 people subscribed on bloglines. Bet you didn't know how popular you are, eh?

    Kris said...

    well there you go Tanja, I didn't know anyone bothered to check here anymore LOL

    Peta, I'll get some pics up of one of the bags, ones been gifted already (must make sure I take pics in future)

    Bec, Needle felting is going slowly, I have to wait until the kids are asleep and a lot of the time I'm too tired after that. I've been doing a bit of wet felting too, I made my stepson a case for his nintendo but it was a bit small so I'm going to re do it.

    Jo said...

    OMG! I would have had the willies for a ong time after - like when you've had a spider on you, and even after you've brushed it off, it still feels like it's there!

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