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The Kel syndrome

  • 8 Dec. 2008
  • Yet again taking inspiration from Kel and making a few mini jumpers for the Christmas tree.
    Has anyone noticed how quickly things are quesued after Kelly makes them? or is it just me? She seems to have this knack of tapping into the knitting zeitgeist at just the right time.
    Our Christmas tree is actually a potted bunya nut pine so we haven't brought it inside yet, these are taken on one of the many frangipani trees here. The last shot is of a pair of mini perfection pants to match.

    I've also started a woodland shawl in Dream in colour smooshy from Knitting inspirations. Gorgeous yarn and a lovely pattern (crap photo though!) Hoping to get this done by 14th january for my mum's birthday.

    I wanted to thank everyone for the touching comments on here and nappycino about Basil. Things have been ok here, life goes on. Penny, our other little Dachshund x has been fine although missing her friend. We are watching her carefully for ticks and she's now sleeping under our bed and loving the extra attention.

    ** not sure what's going on with the editing- I can't seem to fix it sorry!**

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    2 lovely people had this to say:

    Ann said...

    Love those mini jumpers - they are so cute. Great choice of color for the shawl - happy knitting.

    kym said...

    How cute!

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