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  • 29 Nov. 2008
  • paradise!
    The move although stressful with young children went well, still lots of unpacking to do but at least the worst is over. Our new house is huge and has lots of storage so we are going to feel so organised after living without any built ins for the past 2 years. I'm having a whole wardrode just for yarn!
    It's funny now that we live in the middle of nowhere we can get ADSL yet before we lived 5 minutes out of town and couldn't. You can expect lots of photos now they don't take me an h0ur to upload!
    The photo above is of the verandah where we have breakfast, the wallabies come up close to the house and watch us as they eat theirs- magical!

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    1 lovely people had this to say:

    Ann said...

    It is magical & you are so lucky to be living there. It will be like heaven sitting & knitting on that verandah!

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