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all quiet on the eastern front

  • 12 Jul. 2008
  • There has been lots happening here, unfortunately not much of it wooly related.
    I feel like I'm being tested to how much stress I can take and I feel so lucky that I have my knitting as a sanity saver.
    I'm almost finished my something red but am not really loving it, will finish the second arm and reasses but I don't think I could handle frogging it right now andf I'll probably just store it away until I can face it.
    I am having fun knitting a couple of shorts and getting ready for spring stocking in September, one will have my favourite woodland creatures.
    I also hope to be on of the last knitters on earth to complete a clapotis, nice and summery version in Yarn Cafe Eco Bamboo.
    And so for some pics, these are custom dyes that went out last week.
    Two lots of gradient on four bags full merino and one custom pear tree.
    I'm mainly doing customs right now but will be having another stocking of yarns and knits in september if not beforehand. I'm now over at the Yarn Collective and have a few sock yarns up right now.
    Love, The Monsterknitter

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