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Where is the Organic Sheep?

  • 16 Jun. 2008

  • Right here!
    A long standing custom off to it's new home. The yarn is absolutely divine!
    Hopefully it holds up ok to the life of a 2 yr old.
    Yarn: Woolganic Organic Merino DK- purchased at The Yarn Cafe
    approx 210gms used
    Pattern: Perfection Pants with adjustable elastic waist and extra wide legs
    Needle size- 4mm
    Size- Custom

    EDIT: photos didn't seem to be showing up for some reason, should be fixed now.
    If anyone knows how to get pics here from Flickr let me know!
    Love, The Monsterknitter

    4 lovely people had this to say:

    megsie said...

    yay ! there's the organic sheep! Ikeep coming back inthe hopethat he would be found!

    Just devine Kris! I'm gonna stalk your stalk for the longies too even though I reckon they'll be too short I can live in hope:)

    Katanya said...

    oh those sheep are incrediable, great work Kris!

    Elissa said...

    Oh wow! They turned out awesome Kris, and those sheep are SO cute!

    Austy's Mum said...

    Soooooo cute! Those little sheepies look very cuddly!

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