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Dinosaurs, Organic yarn and Spinning wheels (pic heavy)

  • 9 Apr. 2008
  • Now that I know she has received my parcel I put pics up of the things I sent to Jo to hopefully cheer her up. This is for dinosaur mad Liam, it's a short and T-shirt set which shows how long it's taken me to send them to her. Hopefully there will still be some warmish days so he can still wear them. And the yarn is for Jo, BFL Ultra sock in a self striping colourway in very bright colours. You may need sunnies on to knit it jo! and I've been given a present too of the best kind- yarn! Elissa brought me some woolganic over, a new Australian organic yarn. It's very similar to Treliske in softness and feel but being a plied yarn it should pill and felt a lot less (which can only be a good thing) I'm currently making some longies out of it and they are going to a toddler to be put to the ultimate test.
    It's hard to show just how lovely this yarn is but I'll try, I have to keep stopping knitting to rub it against my cheek!
    So apart from the woolganic longies, I'm finishing off some well overdue "giraffe" longies in 4BF and I've just past the arm sectioning in my something brown. I'll post some pics soon but I'm not sure how much more of them will get done (apart from the woolganic longies) as we were just given a spinning wheel! (can you say excited!)
    It's a Rappard weepenny from what I can tell online (the photo is from NZ Spinning Wheels as mine looked awful) I've been having a play with it tonight(thanks to this great site that has videos on how to spin) and I've managed to spin a 5gm mini skien. I 'm quite proud of it even if it did take me half an hour to do.

    and a quick note- I'll be popping a few yarns up tomorrow night with Elissa, including the "tree of life" auction. I decided to go with the less is more idea and leave the tree without grass, hopefully it doesn't look too freaky. Previews should go up during the day but it might not be until the afternoon. Tomorrow my baby turns one, goodness this last year has flown by. This time last year was my last night as a mama of one, the next morning the contractions picked up. I managed to get to the post office and post of a cutsomer's parcel before heading off to the birth centre (see that's dedication for you! :D ) . Angus was born at 4.40 that afternoon into the water with the lovely Elissa as doula. Kind of sad that he will most probably be my last child and has grown up so very quickly but I'm looking forward to seeing him blossoming
    Love, The Monsterknitter

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    Tanja said...

    I bet Jo was thrilled with her package. That stegosaurus looks lovely. And the tree of life tee. And the new organic wool. Mmmm, your posts are drool-worthy!

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