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My poor baby

  • 16 Mar. 2008
  • For the second time since my children have been born I had to call an ambulance (first time when A was a baby and I slipped on the stairs while I was carrying him, luckily he was perfectly fine and didn't fall far)

    This time was E's turn

    On Saturday the kids and their dad and grandad went to the beach, taking our two dachshunds.
    Apparently a lady there was playing with Penny (our mini dachy x) and throwing a stick for her as well as her larger dog.
    The dogs were chasing the sticks and somehow the large dog ran straight into E, knocking her over.
    She was naturally upset but seemed ok so they came home.
    When she arrived home she wanted to go to her friend's party still so we got ready and drove out there. Half way there she started vomiting and seemed very tired. I mopped her up and luckily we hadn't drove far as I turned the car around and got home as quickly as I could (still thinking it was just tiredness at this stage as no one knew how badly her head had been hurt)
    She talked to me all the way home and still wanted to go to the party
    Pulled in the drive and S met me to get E inside and she wasn't responding.
    The scariest moment of my life so far, I thought she was dead!
    I ran and dialed the ambulance while S tried to rouse her.
    Luckily she came around after 30 seconds or so while I was on the phone but was very confused.
    S went with her in the ambulance and although they kept her in for observation for a few hours she had perked up considerably after a drink of juice.
    *sigh* so that's been my weekend.
    E is acting quite erratic still but we were told that could be expected after a concussion.
    I think we'll be having a very quiet week.

    Before all this happened I'd been doing a little bit of dyeing, experimenting with self striping yarns. Its such a fun process turning thisinto this
    I'm making these short so I have enough left over to make E a pair. The colours are even better IRL, my camera doesn't take very good night shots.

    7 lovely people had this to say:

    Tracy said...

    How scary. I hope she feels much better soon.

    I love the yarn.

    Rebecca said...

    Kris how scary but so glad she is alright.

    Funny how kids perk up no end. Our doctor always said that kids will be up one minute and down the next which is so true.


    April - Vaginas, they're not just painted on! said...

    Hugs Kris, hope E is feeling better :)

    How scary for you.

    Love the sock wool btw, yummy bright colours!!

    Ann said...

    Thanks goodness she is alright - that was scary. Love the colors of your new dye job - gorgeous.

    Irene said...

    Wow Kris so glad she's OK! That dye job is fab!!

    Kris said...

    Thanks for the well wishes, she's much better now and doesn't seem too traumatised about it.

    Socks are almost done, will post some pics soon.

    Keely said...

    What a scare! Glad she is all okay!

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