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Getting painterly

  • 28 Mar. 2008
  • I've had such a longing to paint lately, something I rarely get time to do as I don't have a dedicated space for it. I have a few ideas in my head that I'm going to get into sketches at least. One of my dachshund Basil and another of Angus being born and another of Ellie twirling in the garden.
    I know they'll happen eventually, it's just that patience is not my strongest suit.

    So I somewhat placated my yearning by painting some T-shirts.
    This one is for Angus, one way to cover up the multitude of stains an almost one year old accumulates in a day LOL
    and this one is for the shop. It comes with 2 skeins of "Tree of Life" worsted weight merino and a 50gm skein of trim (I'm thinking green but may leave that up to the purchaser)
    I'm not sure whether the tree needs some grass under it's roots as it kind of looks like it's floating- any advice most welcome.
    I have another short sleeve with one skien of yarn but I think I've left it too late for this year.

    My Zen String still hasn't turned up but I haven't rang the police yet. It's been chaotic here, Angus has been sick, Ellie got a concussion which scored her a trip in the ambulance, we are trying to sell our house and I have assignments due now!

    I have managed to get a start on Something Red though. We went away for Easter and I was meant to bring my study notes but forgot yet my yarn made it safely with us.
    I took it as a sign, cast off the stripey socks (wearing these now- LOVE them!)
    and cast on SR.
    Spending this weekend in the library catching up and maybe doing a little knitting, I think I read somewhere that knitting or doing something with your hands help you retain information.
    Maybe I'd remember if I had of been knitting when I read it lol

    edit- ah here we go, found it!
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    Love, The Monsterknitter

    5 lovely people had this to say:

    Mandy said...

    Wow Kris - stunning painting there. I'm feeling inspired to pull out the brushes now :)

    Lis said...

    wow... beautiful.
    I think maybe some grass under the tree would be a good idea. my 2 cents lol.

    Lou's Mum said...

    wow, they are fantastic Kris! you're very talented. I think grass under the tree would work better too :)

    megsie said...

    oh Kris I love love love these! The one for Angus is just delightful. You sure have captured the movement beautifully! I'm going to go against the others and say no grass. I think the green of the t-shirt works well as a base and gives the tree weight. Can't wait to see them go up!

    Kestrel said...

    I'm so glad I've got a chance to go through your blog Kris - these are deliciously original - just beautiful.

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