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got gauge?

  • 5 Feb. 2008
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  • um, nope! I knew these were turning out too big but I was really enjoying the knitting so I didn't stop and check. Oh well, to the frog pile. Oh my goodness I love this yarn though! its purewool worsted 3ply and its so soft and squishy like the single ply but doesn't pill or felt anywhere near as bad (the single ply pills just while I knit it but that doesn't stop the yarn love)

    So I'm starting again.

    Luckily I have my great new bag to keep it in while out and about thanks to the lovely Rebecca.
    This is my Random Act of Kindness swap goodies and I squealed when I opened it!
    For me- the fabulous (and on my to do list!) Spring green felt bag from the latest Yarn magazine. I adore this! I'll be heading back to uni this year and its the perfect size

    more for me Razz
    cool little washcloth and some yummy bodyshop products

    For Angus- gorgeous little wooden animals. He loves these as you can see by the picture (and he's quite fussy with toys) He didn't even want to let them go so I could take a photo Laughing

    and wrapped (as ellie was at school and then I didn;t get to take a photo before she went to bed) is a fabulous princess book for Ellie. She read it tonight and was very impressed (just getting to that age where she's loving the fairy tale kind of story)

    Thanks again Rebecca! I've been using it this week and it really is the perfect size. Now just to get some time along in order to have a bath and try out the goodies. Somehow having a bath with 2 kids jumping over you isn't half as relaxing (ellie even came in the birth pool with me when angus was born LOL)

    Love, The Monsterknitter

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