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Stages of completion

  • 12 Jan. 2008
  • Its been a long time between updates so I'm just going to cram it all in this one post. Being on painfully slow dialup internet means upolading pictures takes me forever. Hopefully we will be moving soon and I'll be able to remedy that.

    So what I've been working on (albeit very slowly)
    Glampyre Boobholder in The Yarn Cafe Bamboo in "Lily".A pleasure to knit, the bamboo is so light and silky but seeing as its for me I always prioritise things for myself last so its taking ages to get going.

    Giraffe Longies in 4BF merino dyed by The Yarn Cafe, will be dyeing something darker for the legs before embelishing. Minky knitting bag a gift from Jo from Peenuts

    And speaking of knitting bags, check out this amazing one made by the very talented Tikki. The perfect size for a small project or a pair of socks and the inner material is made up of knitting terms with a matching button to keep everything in place. I adore it and its been going everywhere with me since it arrived.
    One and a half Rainy day socks for my grandma (i'll be dyeing them again one they are complete-way to bright for an 80yr old I think) These will be my entry for January's Sock a Month Knitalong. I'm hoping its going to keep me on the finishing straight and narrow. Luckily my family have little feet so they don't take too long.
    Harry Potter "Golden Snitch" dishcloth in Anchor magicline- took roughly 25gms. The colours obscure the pattern but hides the dirt when using it. I'm already thinking up my own designs to knit.
    and I frogged the scarf I had made with handspun yarn from the local markets and turned it into a one skein wonder for me. Trim is handspun from Uraguay. I did a sewn cast off on the trim and its stretched too much so I'm going to try and block it but if that doesn't work (and I'm not holding my breath) I'll have to re-do it.
    and I finished these before christmas but didn't put them up. Made from various patterns on the net (plus I made up the eggplant one myself) all in 4BF merino. I'll be popping the yarn that I made these from up on Ozebaby soon. Both of my kids love playing with them, you can even add a bell if its for a baby. and so thats it, over on Woolaholics January is FO month but I don't see that happening for me. Too much fun casting on the next thing plus I bought some new KP wooden needles in the Tapestry Craft sale and am itching to try them out.

    Love, The Monsterknitter

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    Irene said...

    Love the fruit and veg yarn packs!

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