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Pay it forward

  • 23 Jan. 2008
  • As per Sherrin's Blog, I thought it would be fun to do this too.
    So now its my turn to pass on the love

    The first three people to comment on this post will receive a gift from me, sometime within the next 365 days. Who knows when it will turn up, or what it will be, but rest assured, it will arrive. All you have to do is promise to make the same declaration on your blog, and send out gifts to three of your lovely readers. Easy Peasy.

    Love, The Monsterknitter

    4 lovely people had this to say:

    purps said...

    Would love to be a part of this, if that's ok :)

    Kelli said...

    what a cool idea. Can I take part too?


    Bec said...

    Me too pretty please! :)

    Kris said...

    Thanks for joining in guys!

    Could you all email me at monsterknits at gmail dot com with your addresses?

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