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  • 16 Aug. 2007
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  • These three have been on the go for what seems like forever!! I am so glad they are finished and I can move on to other projects :)

    On the left is 'Plum Tree' Longies knitted in Blackberry Ridge Bulky yarn in my 'Plum Tree' colourway, these already have a new home :)

    In the middle is a pair of "Earth Sky" Capri's knitted in Bluefaced Leicester DK weight in the old 'Earth Sky' colourway. After knitting these I have changed my mind about the white in the colourway, and I will be going back to the original (without white). They will be up for sale at our next stocking.

    On the Right is a Wooly Wonder Soaker knitted in undyed Finkhof yarn. Finkhof yarn is organic and very unprocessed sourced from Germany. This yarn is rougher than any others I have tried, but for some reason I am still in love with it. This soaker has turned out so nice that I simply cannot sell it!!

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