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Its a bird, its a plane

  • 27 Jul. 2007
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  • No, its a sock on one circ!

    My fear and lothing of DPNs has forced me to go the circular route when considering socks. I must say its working quite well if a little squishy. Once I master these I think I'll brave some proper sock yarn (this is DK BFL) and some teeny tiny DPNs.

    I just realised I didn't post my results with my felting experiment. That would be because I killed the yarn trying to hand felt it by boiling and scrubbing- not a good idea for a forgetful breastfeeding mother to do, the yarn had to be scrapped off the bottom of the saucepan

    I ended up making some LTK felted mocs from aran BFL but one came out of the washbag and got a bit mangled so I need to re-do that. They were also a bit thinner than I was hoping for so I'm going to double strand it next time.

    2 lovely people had this to say:

    Irene said...

    Have you tried magic loop Kris? I like 80cm for one sock at a time but love knitting two socks at once on 120cm -- and no OSS! No more DPN's to lose and stitches falling off.

    Bec said...

    That is awesome Kris :) I loved doing my Rainy Days on 30cm but I am totally in love with my DPN at the mo - getting into a great flow with them which is nice and therapeutic (yes I am knit-insane!lol).

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