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Argosy Wrap

  • 29 Jul. 2007
  • I've been on holidays the last 2 weeks, although you wouldn't know it. I had a list of all the things I wanted to do: Knitting, dyeing, cleaning, baking (in that order lol)but I got sick instead. I have never had the flu like that before - I have never been in bed for days. I'm still not 100%, and I am so annoyed that my holiday wasn't a holiday and that I didn't get to my list :(

    I did get a bit of knitting done - at least I finished some projects that have been lying around here for what seems like ages. Here is my Argosy wrap, a hybrid of the Argosy Shawl and Argosy Scarf . The real Argosy Shawl is a triangular shape and has a straight edge, mine is more like the scarf enlarged with a stockinette panel in the middle. I really like Vyvyan's blog btw. I knitted it out of some wool I scored for $2 a ball at Spotlight. I am a yarn purist - but my dilemma is that I can't stand pure wool on my skin. So I always feel like a traitor when I buy or knit with anything acrylic. In future I'll stick to cotton :) Luckily this wrap is far away from my neck, so it's perfect. Very warm and snuggly :).

    I have almost completed some perfection pants for friday night's stocking. I'll have some photos up soon :)

    2 lovely people had this to say:

    Ann said...

    The wrap looks gorgeous - really nice pattern. Hope you are 100% well now. Take care.

    Bec said...

    Just beautiful Elissa! :)

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