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Bulky Yarn

  • 27 Jun. 2007
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  • I love bulky and aran weight yarns! I have some beautiful hand spun bulky wrap yarn that is so nice I don't know what to do with it!! I'm thinking some kind of simple lace scarf or shawl.... anyone got any ideas??

    This is a scarf I am knitting out of some Bulky Blackberry Ridge merino. The yarn is so divine, it knits up like velvet. This is a dye technique I am trying (those on our mailing list will soon have the chance to be a tester for this yarn). It's almost a self striping yarn, as you can see.
    This is a pattern I just quickly made up -
    8 rows of stockinette
    row 9 and 13: k1, yo k2tog, repeat to end
    10,12,14: purl
    row 11: Knit 2, yo k2tog repeat.
    I'm not a pattern writer:) I love yarn overs for some reason, and with this yarn it has worked really well to break up the stripes and give the scarf a checkered look.

    I'm also knitting a pair of perfection pants in BBR Bulky - in the 'Plum Tree' colourway (one of my favourites). I'm only using 5mm circs (although 6mm would be better), and I'm getting 3.5 stitches and 5 rows per inch, which isn't bad :) It'll make for some lovely warm night time pants for those heavy wetters out there!
    It may take me a while to finish them though, given the way that I am going lately. I am cutting back my hours at work with the specific intention of spending that time knitting, dyeing, blogging and posting!!

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