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One the needles

  • 21 May 2007
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  • Having a newborn has certainly slowed things down but I am still doing things- they just take longer.

    One the needles right now:

    Handspun Hand dyed yarn- this is so soft and lofty, I love it! I'm making myself a scarf and hope to be able to source some more and offer it in our store.

    "Bliss" Medium Longies- a true girly knit with DK BFL hot pink waist and "Rocky Road" aran BFL body (shades of pink marshmellow, cream and chocolate) These are finished and getting embelished right now.

    I also have a pair of medium deep blue "To the Moon" DK BFL longies starting to be embelished and have just started knitting a medium pair of "Tiger" longies in 12ply Nundle Woolen Mill yarn (NWM) with treliske organic merino waistband. See the theme here, lots of embelishing to do! Still I've missed being on ozebaby so expect some yarn at least up soon. Thanks for being patient with me

    3 lovely people had this to say:

    Baa Bum Mum said...

    oooh the colours! it's making me want to dye pink! yummo!

    Ying said...

    oh my the colours!!! I'm drooling all over the floor now LOL gotta try to get these longies you're making Kris. I don't even care what size they are LOL

    Bec said...

    Kris - that handspun seriously sends nice shivers down my spine lol! Please get some in the shop! :)

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