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Changing my ways

  • 18 May 2007
  • I know! I know! I am such a slack blogger!! And a slack forum poster (if you can call someone that!) My life just seems to get crazier and crazier. Every other week I think "Well, it can't get much busier than this" and then it does!! Just like that.

    I won't go into it here though. I would much rather ramble on about knitting and yarn. Dying yarn I can fit into my life, but knitting has become non-existent. I desperately want to spin some yarn up - I have all this amazing stuff here to spin - but there are too many little fingers around and not enough time when they are asleep and I feel awake. Sigh. So you may notice that my WIP will take all this year to get finished. I just hope Angus gets his little pants before he is too big!!

    Anyway, I have resolved to post more often, and I've been taking some pics today so that will help!

    Hugs everyone,

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