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Having a break :(

  • 21 Mar. 2007

  • I'll have some yarn up on ozebaby soon but after that I am sad to say that I will be having a break for a month or so, and it looks like Kris will be doing the same.

    My life has just been getting busier and crazier than ever before, and I am just so tired at the moment that I cannot bear the thought of dying some yarn (shocking, I know!). Our family has suddenly become a tribe - my sister and one of our best friends have just moved in - so sometimes when all the kiddies are here we are 7! I am loving having lots of people around and kids running like maniacs through the place lol! So with work getting really busy, doula-ing, and instant big family I am really stretched.

    Hopefully that means I will be blogging more often though. I have some projects in mind - some nice things for Kris' baby, and get Argosy finished (photos soon) but the most exciting project is a Gambeson for Luke. It's a padded tunic that you wear under armour. With an inner layer of blanket or felt (with the next one I really want to try felted wool) it's a bit like quilting. This picture gives you a bit of an idea, and I'm sure that next time I will post some progress pics.

    2 lovely people had this to say:

    Irene said...

    The padded tunic looks fantastic Elissa! I can't wait to see progress pics. What kind of armour is it going to be worn under? (the mind boggles LOL)

    Kris said...

    Oh wow, it looks great even on its own and not what I expected from how you described. I still think he would be crazy to wear it in this weather though LOL

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